Light Rises by Rachel Wesson

Light Rises by Rachel Wesson

An utterly emotional, page-turning WW2 historical novel

The Resistance Sisters

France, 1942: With Europe struggling under German occupation, Sophie Bélanger, grieving the deaths of her brother, fiancé and friends, is no longer prepared to stand on the sidelines.

Risking everything, she becomes increasingly involved in helping to save those on the run – even though that means persuading Jewish parents to hand over their children, in the desperate hope of saving their lives. When she is forced to flee to the non-occupied zone, her medical skills take her to the French camp of Rivesaltes, where she cares for the injured and unwell – until one day her luck runs out.

Meanwhile her twin, Adèle, has shed her socialite pretensions and completed her special agent training, and is poised to begin her first mission. Ready to set France ablaze, she parachutes into occupied territory and begins work drilling maquisards in guerrilla warfare, determined to thwart the Nazis at every turn – whatever the cost – and avenge the death of her beloved brother.

Soon both sisters are fighting for their survival – unsure if they’ll live to see each other again. Will the twins’ secret be their undoing?

Year first published: 2023

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