Simon Son of Star by Ronen Tregerman

Simon Son of Star by Ronen Tregerman

When one man raises his sword against the world’s biggest empire in a quest against all odds to free his people, a battle that will be written on the pages of history rages on. This heroic 2000-year-old story follows the Son of Star leader of the second rebellion through the fierce battles and the battle of the minds against mighty Rome.

Have you ever taken the time to look closely at a coin?

Have you ever noticed how we mount and press our dreams, our leaders, and our sovereignty onto the precious metal, deeming it valuable and hoping for it to hold beyond time?

Jacob did. And when he finds a unique silver coin at a museum, his fascination is hooked. Delving into its history, he follows the coin’s story. Hailing from the Holy Land nearly two millennia ago, it tells the tale of one man who raised his sword against the world’s biggest empire in a quest to free his land and people.

Jacob desperately searches for a second coin, to unravel the remainder of the story. He drops everything, jumping on last-minute flights to attend auctions, and traveling hundreds of miles to meet antique dealers, yet at every turn is another corner. Now Jacob must decide how far he’s willing to go for the truth, uncovering the heart-racing story of Simon Son Of Star, and the Second rebellion against Rome.

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Year first published: 2023

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