Space and Time under Persecution by Guy Miron

Space and Time under Persecution by Guy Miron

The German-Jewish Experience in the Third Reich

Translator: Haim Watzman

A new history of how the Nazi era upended German-Jewish experiences of space and time from eminent historian Guy Miron.
In Space and Time under Persecution, Guy Miron considers how social exclusion, economic decline, physical relocation, and, later, forced evictions, labor, and deportation under Nazi rule forever changed German Jews’ experience of space and time. Facing ever-mounting restrictions, German Jews reimagined their worlds–devising new relationships to traditional and personal space, new interpretations of their histories, and even new calendars to measure their days. For Miron, these tactics reveal a Jewish community’s attachment to German bourgeois life as well as their defiant resilience under Nazi persecution.

Year first published: 2023

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