Across Seward Park by Gail Lehrman

Across Seward Park by Gail Lehrman

A gripping historical saga

Set against the backdrop of 20th Century Manhattan, “Across Seward Park” weaves a riveting tale of family, ambition, and self-discovery.

When idealistic young Irving Friedman and his beautiful, hard-nosed sister Miriam are forced to leave their brutal father’s home, they must make their way amid the sprawling tenements of the Lower East Side. Trapped in the garment industry’s backbreaking sweatshops, Irving is swept into the dangerous world of union organizing, while Miriam finds unexpected new love. As the years pass and one generation yields to the next, the siblings’ hard-won success is imperiled when an old family secret is unearthed that puts Irv on a collision course with Miriam’s ambitious daughter Shelly. Will secrets from the past destroy their family’s bond, or will they find a way to forgive?

An unforgettable tale of love, sacrifice, and the enduring power of kinship in the face of adversity.

Year first published: 2023

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