Shira and Esther’s Double Dream Debut by Anna E. Jordan


The switcheroo fun of The Parent Trap meets the showbiz spirit of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel in this timeless coming-of-age story about family, friendship, and following your dreams.

When Shira and Esther first meet, they can hardly believe their eyes. It’s like looking in a mirror! But even though they may look identical, the two girls couldn’t be more different. Shira dreams of singing and dancing onstage, but her father, a stern and pious rabbi, thinks Shira should be reading prayers, not plays. Esther dreams of studying Torah, but her mother, a glamorous stage performer, wishes Esther would spend more time rehearsing and less time sneaking off to read books. Oy vey! If only the two could switch places . . .

Would Shira shine in a big-time televised talent show? Would Esther’s bat mitzvah go off without a hitch? What’s a little deception, when it means your dreams might finally be within reach? One thing is certain: Shira and Esther are going to need more than a little chutzpah to pull this off. But if they do, their double dream debut is sure to be the performance of a lifetime.

FUNNY AND HEARTFELT FRIENDSHIP BOOK: Brimming with heart and humor, this unforgettable novel from a compelling new voice in young adult literature will make readers laugh, cry, and come back for more knishes.

FAMILY, FRIENDS, AND COMMUNITY: Themes of connection, unity, and the need for belonging will resonate with readers of all backgrounds.

JEWISH COMING-OF-AGE: This book represents and celebrates many ways of being Jewish while also inviting non-Jewish readers to share in what makes the religion, culture, and community so wonderful.

BRILLIANT EXTRAS: At the back of the book, a guide to Yiddish words and an author’s note on the research and inspiration behind the story invites learning and discussion.

Year first published: 2023

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