The Black Hole Pastrami and Other Stories by Jeffrey Feingold

The Black Hole Pastrami and Other Stories by Jeffrey Feingold

Sixteen linked short stories that explore love, loss, family, and cultural legacies in this imaginative engaging debut. The stories, written in first person, have the feeling of autobiography, with many examining family relations and Ukrainian Jewish heritage. The tales range from heartbreakingly poignant to hilariously humorous.

Praise for The Black Hole Pastrami:

“Satisfying and often joyful…” – Forward Reviews “Inventive and emotionally observant writing.” – Kirkus Reviews

“Feingold writes with tremendous charm and has a gentle, affectionate attitude towards his characters …” – Indie Reader

“There’s an echo of Jean Shepherd’s work here, a humorous and slightly fictionalized recounting of an affectionately-recalled if not perfect childhood and life…” – Forward Reviews

“At once a love letter to family and an examination of the tension between carefree and careless youth and regretful middle age, this charming collection of stories is full of heart and humor …” – Christian Livermore, author of We Are Not OK

“Feingold pulls off his storytelling balancing act like a tightrope walker who lets us delight in the ultimate performance while barely noticing the years of practice.” – John Sheirer, author of Stumbling Through Adulthood: Linked Stories

“Jeffrey Feingold’s story collection, The Black Hole Pastrami, is a delicious offering of interwoven stories, seasoned with surrealism, humor, a bit of regret, a lot of heart. …this could as easily be called a novel.” – Jan Maher, author of Heaven, Indiana and Earth As It Is

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Year first published: 2023

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