Easy Hanukkah Recipes for Holidays by Liane Fortis

Easy Hanukkah Recipes for Holidays by Liane Fortis

Ignite Culinary Joy with Simple and Delicious, traditional Dishes for a Memorable Hanukkah festive Celebration

Includes Recipes for Purim and Rosh Celebration

In the festive spirit of Hanukkah, families relish an array of customary culinary delights. Among these are latkes, delectable potato pancakes, sufganiyot, irresistible jelly-filled doughnuts, and a host of other culinary treasures that encapsulate the essence of the Festival of Lights. This joyous occasion commemorates a miraculous event, where the illumination from a single night’s worth of lamp oil endured for eight consecutive nights during the rededication of the Holy Temple of Jerusalem. Enrich your holiday gathering with the charm of these delightful recipes that add a special touch to your celebration

  • Inside you will find:
  • Benediction Upon The Hanukkah Flames
  • Invocation For Wonders
  • Invocation For Momentous Moments
  • Mizrachi Recipes
  • Ashkenazi Recipes
  • Sephardi Recipes
  • Rosh Hashanah Celebration Recipes

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Year first published: 2023

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