Emerald Ark: Memories of a Jewish Irish Youth by Theo Garb

Emerald Ark: Memories of a Jewish Irish Youth by Theo Garb

Editor: Michael Garb

Who ever heard of an Irish Jew? My late father, Theo Garb, grew up amid the threat and, ultimately, the anguish of WWII and the Holocaust. Emerald Ark, Memories of a Jewish Irish Youth, shares the story of Theo’s adventurous early life. Journey with Theo as he relives his childhood and teen years when life was simple, tenuous, and hopeful for a better tomorrow… Poignant and humorous, Theo’s memoir shares the experience of his first great love — a romantic tale of “forbidden” love — with an Irish Catholic beauty.

Amazon.com review: * What a pleasure to read Theo’s story. Uplifting, amusing and candid. With so much going on in the world, it was wonderful to escape into Theo’s adventures. His love for life, culture, faith, and family is tremendous and we have the joy of traveling along with him. I smiled often and appreciated the attention to detail. It also has to be noted that the historical aspect is engaging and enlightening.

The book’s page on the author’s site: michaelmgarb.com/books

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Year first published: 2023

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