The Extraordinary Dreidel by Devorah Omer

The Extraordinary Dreidel by Devorah Omer

Illustrator: Aviel Basil

“On Hanukkah, Uncle Haim the carpenter made Gil and Nurit a wooden dreidel. This was no ordinary dreidel.”

It is Hanukkah, and brother and sister Gil and Nurit have just been given a wooden dreidel; a special one, made just for them by their uncle. The children soon discover just how special this dreidel really is when they uncover its secret, hidden compartment.

Gil and Nurit discuss which of their own things they should hide inside. Gil then decides that he will take the dreidel to his school Hanukkah party and offer a prize to the person with the best idea. But as he prepares to leave, the dreidel is nowhere to be found. When he fetches his jacket in the closet, however, he is met with a great surprise!

The Extraordinary Dreidel is a light-hearted, family-focused story for children that will educate them about the traditions of Hanukkah and their place within the holiday. Aviel Basil’s colorful, eye-catching illustrations are the perfect accompaniment to this enjoyable, meaningful tale.

Year first published: 2023

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