The Schlimazel of Sebreim by Richard Elfman

The Schlimazel of Sebreim by Richard Elfman

A vampire’s tale of love, lust, revenge and redemption.

Schlimazel has been bullied his whole life by the coarse and prejudiced peasants of Sebreim, and it doesn’t help when he falls in love with the innkeeper’s luminous daughter, Ludmilla. Oy!

One night, drunken peasants beat poor Schlimazel within an inch of his life and cast him into the snow to die. A mysterious woman in a dark coach intervenes, giving Schlimazel a bloody kiss—and he awakens as a vampire. Now Schlimazel is faced with a list of impossible tasks: how will he wed Ludmilla, seek revenge upon his tormentors, and ultimately transform back into his relatively normal and righteous life?

Only the local Rabbi’s mystical pet rat, Mac Heath, knows the answers! Schlimazel, Ludmilla, and Mac will join forces to battle foes both natural and supernatural so that maybe, just maybe, Schlimazel can live to see another sunrise.

Year first published: 2023

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