Jew­ish Mind­ful­ness for Kids by Blan­ca Sis­sa

Jew­ish Mind­ful­ness for Kids by Blan­ca Sis­sa

Illustrator: Cami­la Car­ros­sine

The exercises in this book use everyday Jewish items to inspire mindfulness in children. Imagine you have a piece of fresh challah in one hand and a spoonful of hot chicken soup in the other. Smell the challah, blow on the soup. Lie down, close your eyes, and “take a walk” through your body from head to toe. Or meditate with a special word shalom, which means “peace.” Our minds are like forests, and our thoughts are like monkeys jumping through the trees. Mindfulness, the Jewish value of Yishuv Hada’at, means focusing on this special moment, letting the monkeys go quiet and still, resting our minds and bodies.

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Year first published: 2024

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