Liberation of Nazi Concentration Camps by Ian Baxter

Liberation of Nazi Concentration Camps by Ian Baxter

Images of War

A collection of graphic contemporary images of Nazi concentration camp conditions during liberation in 1944 and 1945.

As the Allies closed in on Hitler’s Germany the horror and scale of the Final Solution and concentration camps became all too apparent. This latest Images of War book provides the reader a truly disturbing insight into the Nazi’s brutal regime of wholesale murder, torture and starvation.

While the Germans attempted to hide the evidence by demolishing much of the camps’ infrastructure, the pace of the Soviets’ advance through Poland meant that the gas chambers at Majdenak near Lublin were captured intact.

Auschwitz had received over a million deportees yet when liberated in January 1945 only a few thousand prisoners were there as the vast majority of surviving prisoners had been sent on forced death marches to more westerly camps such as Ravensbruch and Buchenwald. Condition in these camps deteriorated further due to overcrowding and the spread of deadly diseases.

In every camp shocking scenes of death and starvation were encountered. When British troops reached Bergen-Belsen in April 1945, there were some 10,000 unburied dead in addition to the mass graves, in addition to 60,000 starving and sick inmates in utterly appalling conditions.

The words and images in this disturbing book are a timely reminder of man’s inhumanity to his fellows and that such behavior should never be repeated.

Year first published: 2023

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