The 53 books posted on in January 2024

Covers of the 53 books posted on in January 2024

Here is the list of the 53books that I posted on in January 2024. The image contains some of the covers. The bold links take you to the book’s page on Amazon; the “on this site” links to the book’s page on this site.

  1. Abigail’s Song by Alina Rubin (on this site)
  2. The Amen Effect: Ancient Wisdom to Mend Our Broken Hearts and World by Sharon Brous (on this site)
  3. Ana Turns by Lisa Gornick (on this site)
  4. The Berlin Wife’s Resistance by Marion Kummerow (on this site)
  5. A Brutal Design by Zachary C. Solomon (on this site)
  6. Checkbook Zionism: Philanthropy and Power in the Israel-Diaspora Relationship by Dr. Eric Fleisch Ph.D. MA (on this site)
  7. Christian Images and Their Jewish Desecrators: The History of an Allegation, 400-1700 by Katherine Aron-Beller (on this site)
  8. City of Laughter by Temim Fruchter (on this site)
  9. Daughters of Jerusalem by Galya Gerstman (on this site)
  10. Death Strikes: The Emperor of Atlantis by Dave Maass (on this site)
  11. East Jerusalem Noir by Rawya Jarjoura Burbara (on this site)
  12. An Economy of Strangers: Jews and Finance in England, 1650-1830 by Avinoam Yuval-Naeh (on this site)
  13. Fashion City: How Jewish Londoners shaped global style by Bethan Bide, Lucie Whitmore (on this site)
  14. The Forgotten Singer by Maurice Carr (on this site)
  15. The Giant, the Slingshot, and the Future King by Tammar Stein (on this site)
  16. The Golden Doves by Martha Hall Kelly (on this site)
  17. The Happiest Boy on Earth: The Incredible Story of the Happiest Man on Earth by Eddie Jaku (on this site)
  18. Hiding from the Nazis in Plain Sight by Lydia Lukidis (on this site)
  19. The History of the Jews in Early Modern Italy by Marina Caffiero (on this site)
  20. Horizons Blossom, Borders Vanish: Anarchism and Yiddish Literature by Anna Elena Torres (on this site)
  21. Israel 201: Your Next-Level Guide to the Magic, Mystery, and Chaos of Life in the Holy Land by Joel Chasnoff, Benji Lovitt (on this site)
  22. The Kennicott Bible: A Masterpiece of Jewish Book Art by Katrin Kogman-Appel (on this site)
  23. The Kings of Algiers by Julie Kalman (on this site)
  24. Ladies of the Rachmaninoff Eyes by Henry Van Dyke (on this site)
  25. Lost Bread by Edith Bruck (on this site)
  26. A Lost World: The Galician Shtetl and Siberia by Lidia Zessin-Jurek (Editor) (on this site)
  27. Lovers in Auschwitz by Keren Blankfeld (on this site)
  28. The Maverick by Thomas Harding (on this site)
  29. Milton Friedman: The Last Conservative by Jennifer Burns (on this site)
  30. A Mirror of the Jewish Religion by Jonathan Adams (Editor) (on this site)
  31. The Money Kings by Daniel Schulman (on this site)
  32. New Israeli Horror by Olga Gershenson (on this site)
  33. Nice Jewish Boys by Neil Kleid (on this site)
  34. No Longer Ladies and Gentlemen by Viola Alianov-Rautenberg (on this site)
  35. Nobody Lives Here: A Jewish Childhood in the Occupied Netherlands by Lex Lesgever (on this site)
  36. Nordhausen Concentration Camp: Then and Now by Daniel Taylor (Editor) (on this site)
  37. The Only Daughter by A.B. Yehoshua (on this site)
  38. Our Philosopher by Gert Hofmann (on this site)
  39. Peddlers, Merchants, and Manufacturers by Diane Catherine Vecchio (on this site)
  40. Perverse Memory and the Holocaust by Jan Borowicz (on this site)
  41. A Plague on Both Your Houses by Robert Littell (on this site)
  42. Postmodernizing the Holocaust: A Comparative Study of Chosen Novels by Marta Tomczok (on this site)
  43. Radical Assimilation in the Face of the Holocaust: Otto Heller (1897-1945) by Tom Navon (on this site)
  44. Remember My Story: A Girl, a Holocaust Survivor, and a Friendship That Made History by Claire Sarnowski with Sarah Durand (on this site)
  45. A Revolution in Type: Gender and the Making of the American Yiddish Press by Ayelet Brinn (on this site)
  46. The Safekeep by Yael van der Wouden (on this site)
  47. The Seven Lives of Colonel Patterson: How an Irish Lion Hunter Led the Jewish Legion to Victory by Denis Brian (on this site)
  48. Straw Bag, Tin Box, Cloth Suitcase: Three Immigrant Voices by Jane Yolen, Marjorie Lotfi, and Raquel Elizabeth Artiga de Paz (on this site)
  49. Strictly Observant: Amish and Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Women Negotiating Media by Rivka Neriya-Ben Shahar (on this site)
  50. The Tree of Life: How a Holocaust Sapling Inspired the World by Elisa Boxer (on this site)
  51. West Jerusalem Noir by Maayan Eitan (on this site)
  52. Who Are the Jews―And Who Can We Become? by Donniel Hartman (on this site)
  53. The Witch of Woodland by Laurel Snyder (on this site)

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