A Beautiful World by Yael Gover

A Beautiful World by Yael Gover

Illustrator: Paul Kor

This beautifully written, eye-catching book takes young readers on a journey through the story of creation. With the help of a magic paintbrush, the whole world is formed out of the darkness. First the oceans and land, then the moon and stars, followed by all the animals and people.

The book is notable for the way it invites children to be creative and use their imagination: producing art is shown as a beautiful act of creation, and vice-versa. The message is a simple one: we all have the power to create beauty.

This exceptional work of children’s literature has been a long time in the making. The illustrations were originally produced in 1973 by renowned Israeli artist Paul Kor. More than 25 years later, award-winning author Yael Gover completed the text, and the book was published in Hebrew. For this much anticipated first English-language version of the book, Kor’s original artwork has been rescanned, making the colors more vibrant and accurate than in any previous edition.

This is a wholly unique book, made even more so by the fact that it recently made it into space! Israeli astronaut Eitan Stiva chose the book to take into space, where he read an edition of the work printed especially for the occasion – a spectacular journey for a spectacular book.

Year first published: 2024

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