Amerikaland by Danny Goodman

Amerikaland by Danny Goodman

A searing debut novel of hope and survival following two athletes as they reckon with secrets from their pasts and the belief that good people will fight against prejudice and tyranny.

In a reimagined present day, Sabine, a guarded, independent German tennis player, and Sandy, a Brooklyn-born Jewish baseball player, find themselves in New York City for World Day—a sporting event meant to celebrate international peace.

For years, Sabine was regarded as a tennis legend until an act of violence threatened her life and career. Now, she is determined to stand before the crowds once again a winner. Sandy is the beloved star of his hometown team, but a recent horrific antisemitic crime nearly unravels him.

Their lives are forever changed when a massive terrorist attack strikes World Day. As Sabine and Sandy emerge from this destruction, their journeys take them across the Atlantic and back again, where they come to understand how they are each connected to the attack—connections veiled by shocking family secrets and geopolitical motivations. After these revelations, they’ll have to decide if their love and friendship can bridge a path forward.

In striking resonance with today’s rising antisemitism, AMERIKALAND tells the emotional story of people battling their histories and charting their own fates.

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Year first published: 2024

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