An Entrancing Fusion of Science, Fiction, and Spirituality: An Exhilarating Journey in “Seeking the Light of Justice”

Seeking the Light of Justice by Dr. Barry Nadel

Review of the first volume of the Hoshiyan Chronicles by Dr. Barry Nadel

Have you ever noticed the tendency of nationalistic politicians and historians to create a heroic, great past for their homeland? It is much easier to be proud of something great in the distant past than to analyze the cause of today’s social and economic problems and find solutions. When I was studying sociology, we encountered the phenomena of  “basking in reflected glory” so often that we had to abbreviate (BIRGing). However, I also believe these do not have to be mutually exclusive: you can be proud of y our ancestors’ actions and accomplishments, AND you can find answers to present-day challenges without trying to revert to the past. In the long run, though, inventing or distorting the past to serve your own interests will not serve you or the common good. 

What does this have to do with “Seeking the Light of Justice” by Dr. Barry Nadel? With its unique approach, this historical fiction had me engrossed from the start. But at one point, I had to pause and verify the historical accuracy of the book’s foundation. If you’re familiar with the book, this won’t surprise you, but it was a revelation for me. The mythical book referenced in the novel, the secret contemporary society, and its historical origins are all works of fiction. Once I started to read it as alternative historical fiction it changed my lingering feeling about the invention of a glorious past that slowly unfolded during my reading experience. What I consider unfavorable in a politician’s words is perfectly fine in literature. It is better than fine because it can serve educational and entertainment purposes. 

I will not spoil the book’s main “what if” idea for two reasons. First, learning more and more about the fictional book, the secret society, and the latter’s historical origins is a significant source of joy and guessing while one reads the book. Second, maybe more importantly, I don’t know it. This book was published ten years ago; since then, Dr Nadel has written 16 more volumes. This first volume left plenty of questions unanswered. Like any good thriller series, it ended with a serious cliffhanger. Fortunately, the first chapter of the second book was also in the ebook I read, so at least some of my curiosity was satisfied. Not all of it, though, so soon I will jump into the second book. 

I appreciated the balance the author created between three different areas, which I am interested in independently from each other. It is a page-turner, an exciting mystery combined with technical details of archeology and history combined with guidelines for ethical and spiritual living. Depending on your temperament, you can read it as a novel about international political relations and espionage but skip the parts about Jewish history and ethics. I would not recommend skipping those parts, but you could. If you do, you will miss the essential lessons about “faith, righteousness, and justice.” Alternating between an exciting storyline and meditative explanations of what ethically behaving Jews believe and do, mixed with specific technical and scientific details, provided an easy, enjoyable rhythm for the book. My thirst for adventure was equally quenched, along with my desire to learn more about options for spiritual development.

Let me demonstrate the author’s style with a quote from his blog entry, published two days ago, about “The Purpose of the Hoshiyan Chronicles”: This tale, like a child has grown and sometimes seemed to have a will of its own. What began as a mere spark blossomed into a raging inferno of epic proportions, where fantasy dances on the precipice of reality.

Finally, on an unrelated note, a coincidence. My wife is working on a wine industry certificate. Guess who wrote the book “Art of Kosher Wine Making”? Yes, the same Dr Nadel has an MSc in Viticulture and Enology and a PhD in plant genetics. His science credentials are legitimate. His rich storytelling talents are also apparent, having read “Seeking the Light of Justice.” I highly recommend this remarkable book for its ability to simultaneously captivate, educate, and provoke profound thought, making it a truly rewarding and memorable experience.

The series page on the author’s website.

Disclaimer: I have received a digital copy of this book and a small amount from the author which did not affect my review in any way.

Year first published: 2014

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