Braids: Recipes from My Pacif­ic North­west Jew­ish Kitchen by Sonya San­ford

Braids: Recipes from My Pacif­ic North­west Jew­ish Kitchen by Sonya San­ford

Braids is the debut cookbook from chef and writer Sonya Sanford. This beautifully photographed book reflects the process of creating something new, and wholly delicious, from the seemingly disconnected strands of a life lived across cultures and places. The recipes in Braids are inspired by Sanford’s experience growing up in a Soviet Jewish immigrant home in the Pacific Northwest, by her adventures in living and cooking in cities along the West Coast and Hawaii, and by her time running the popular restaurant Beetroot Market & Deli in Portland, Oregon. Specializing in Jewish diasporic cuisine, Ukrainian and Soviet food, and Pacific Northwest seasonal cooking, Sanford brings decades of experience working from all angles of the culinary world to create recipes that are as deep in meaning and story as they are accessible. As a collection, these dishes reflect and honor the many figures who have shaped her – her grandmothers, parents, mentors, and community. This intimate, living collection includes recipes for nourishing soups, flavorful deli salads, vibrant vegetable sides, festive main dishes, and more! Unique Northwest twists on classic Jewish comfort foods like savory mushroom blintzes, sour cherry chocolate babka, and a summer squash za’atar quinoa salad, as well as Sonya’s never-before-published signature challah recipe.

Year first published: 2023

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