The World Entire by Jo Perry (Fahrenheit Press)

The World Entire by Jo Perry (Fahrenheit Press)

The World Entire continues the story of Ascher Lieb (from Jo Perry’s critically acclaimed 2021 novel Pure).

Ascher returns in a fast-moving, intense, and layered mystery about a dog accused of murder and a violent group who are targeting the man Ascher loves.

Love, as we all know, is complicated ––and in her efforts to save the dog, Ascher must find the real murderer, risking everything to fulfil an impossible and dangerous promise.

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Praise for The World Entire

“Decidedly literary and unapologetically noir, this is a monster of a beautiful book. …A triumph.” Matt Phillips, author of A Good Rush of Blood and Know Me from Smoke

“A complete original. Everything happens–murder, mayhem, love and loss–to humans and pets alike. I loved this book.” –Steven Cooper, author of the Alex Mills and Gus Parker mysteries

“The World Entire perfectly captures LA’s beauty, ugliness and energy. This finely observed and artfully crafted novel shows Perry to be the poet she was and ever will be.” -Josh Gidding, author of Failure: An Autobiography

“Powerful and propulsive, The World Entire is about murder, hatred and love’s redemptive power. A hymn to L.A.’s frustrating and fabulous beauty, it deserves a place alongside Chandler, Ellroy and Mosely.” -Derek Farrell, author of The Danny Bird Mysteries

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Year first published: 2024

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