An Island Promise by Patricia Wilson

An Island Promise by Patricia Wilson

Escape to the Greek islands with this perfect beach read

Patricia Wilson’s latest sweeping historical romantic novel follows a Daphne, a young, Jewish Greek artist as she hides during the Nazi occupation of Athens.
I’ll begin with the war, when everything changed for us. In 1943, our comfortable family life came to an abrupt end, thanks to Hitler.

During the Nazi occupation of Athens, Daphne, a young Greek Jewish artist, finds her life suddenly under threat. She’s in love with her Austrian art teacher, and together they must risk it all to escape his cousin, an SS officer. Pursued across Greece, their journey leads them to the island of Corfu.

In 2023 Liverpool, as Daphne’s 100th birthday approaches, she knows time is running out to share her story. Daphne tells Flora, her granddaughter, of a valuable piece of art from her youth. A masterpiece which bought her freedom but cost her everything she held dear.

Will Flora discover more than she expects as she explores the island her family took refuge on?

Year first published: 2024

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