Mighty Mic­ah by Jane Yolen

Mighty Mic­ah by Jane Yolen

Illustrator: Steliyana Done­va

Micah loved the noise maker, called a gragger, that he used at his family’s Purim party. With it they celebrated the defeat of the wicked Haman, a bully from biblical times who tried to get rid of the Jews. The gragger made him feel mighty! But on his way home, the gragger was lost. Micah was nervous that without it, he wouldn’t be able to be brave, like Queen Esther who saved the Jews, and stand up to the bullies at his school. However, this gragger was powerful. It journeyed from a raccoon’s hands, to a fish’s mouth, to a heron’s beak, back to Micah’s front steps. Micah was so happy to have his gragger back! He took it to school and showed it to the class, so everyone could feel its mighty whirr, whirr, whirr, and they too could feel powerful and safe.

Also included is a note from the author with a brief summary of the story of Purim, and how it’s themes of strength, courage, and safety can apply to all children today.

Year first published: 2024

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