Oper­a­tion Beth­le­hem: An Espi­onage Thriller by Yariv Inbar

Oper­a­tion Beth­le­hem: An Espi­onage Thriller by Yariv Inbar

Translator: Dalit Shmueli

Winner of The 2023 National Jewish Book Awards for Hebrew Fiction in Translation. Discover a rare glimpse into the secret world of Mossad spies and terrorists with Operation Bethlehem, a best-seller from Israel.

A traumatic anti-Semitic attack during his youth led Daniel, a young French Jew, to immigrate to Israel, where he served in an elite unit and later joined the Mossad. However, his tempestuous personality caused him to lose everything. Now, years later, in complete secrecy, Daniel sets out on a private operation to restore meaning in his life.

Daniel infiltrates hostile territory and tries to locate a national treasure which is seemingly hidden on the site of a psychiatric hospital. He pieces together the clues, delving ever deeper undercover. So determined is he to uncover his personal and national identity that he suddenly finds himself in grave danger, risking not just himself but a mission far greater than even he is aware. Beyond the thrills of Daniel’s operation, Operation Bethlehem explores the existential questions and tough decisions faced by those responsible for Israel’s security, probing the moral complexities of espionage and national defense.

Full of unexpected twists and turns, Operation Bethlehem documents the human reality behind the James Bond acts of espionage, leaving you pondering its complex issues long after you turn the final page. So, take a chance to discover this provocative and exhilarating novel that takes the reader into the shadowy underworld of Mossad spies and one’s search for personal redemption.

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