The Schlemiel Kids Save the Moon by Audrey Barbakoff

The Schlemiel Kids Save the Moon by Audrey Barbakoff

Illustrator: Rotem Teplow

A joyous modern-day twist on a Wise Men of Chelm folktale written by a fresh Jewish voice filled with humor, some juicy Yiddish terms, and smart, savvy kids brimming with innovative solutions.

Oy, Chelm. Long known as home to the “wisest” people in Yiddish folklore. But what is Chelm like today? What if the kids were more clever than the rest of the townsfolk?

When the misguided adults of modern-day Chelm believe the moon has plunged into the lake, it’s up to the Schlemiel siblings to convince the grown-ups that their fears of a fallen moon are unfounded. Join Sarah and Sam in this hilarious twist on a classic Yiddish folktale as they use teamwork, innovation and patience to save the day…and night!

Here is a book that will expand young readers’ knowledge of Jewish culture beyond holidays, history, and the Holocaust.

Year first published: 2024

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