Har­ry and the High­wire by Julie Car­pen­ter

Har­ry and the High­wire by Julie Car­pen­ter

Houdini’s First Amaz­ing Act

Illustrator: Lau­ra Catalán

A fun, illustrated story of Harry Houdini’s first trick for young readers.

“Julie Carpenter’s inspiring story of Houdini shows how, like him, we can open the locks and dance on the high wire. It’s only a matter of practice. And believing in yourself.” — Eric Kimmel

As a young boy of seven, Harry is desperate to do something incredible – but what? A visit to the circus provides the answer when he sees the daring tightrope walker thrilling the audience. From that moment on, all Harry wants to do is to walk the tightrope. But how?

His first try, on the family clothesline, ends in disaster but Harry’s not about to give up yet. He starts practicing in his every spare moment and in every location he can think of. Will he get to the other side or will he fall? (And will his pet chicken Banjoe be able to keep up?)

An inspiring tale about one of history’s most fascinating figures, Harry and the High-wire is essential reading for children, teaching them about the importance of ambition, hard work and, crucially, of believing in yourself, even when things seem impossible.

The reverse side of this fun, fully fold-out book includes a biography and illustrated timeline of Houdini’s life, along with a focus on three of his most famous tricks (and hints on how he did them).

Year first published: 2024

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