The Courage to Finish What You Started by Alex Cooper

The Courage to Finish What You Started by Alex Cooper

From Startups, to Ironman, to Fighting Cancer

With three tech startups and 10 Ironman races under his belt, Alex Cooper—the son of two Holocaust survivors—personified the strength and grit of his “IronCEO Mindset.”

Then, in 2022, he was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, at the age of 60.

Far from throwing in the towel, Cooper kept going strong, racing in an Olympic-distance triathlon, running a half-marathon with his radiologist and nursing team, and leaning into his passion for skiing.

Eventually though, Cooper faced a new challenge: how to live life to its fullest without the goals and glories of this IronCEO lifestyle.

In this uplifting and heartfelt memoir, Cooper reflects on themes of survivorship, endurance, success, family, and finding balance. His story will speak to anyone questioning whether they’re capable of crossing some victorious finish line—and dares them to just show up in the first place—to always have the courage to start what they’ll finish.

Year first published: 2024

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