Additions to the catalog

I added 14 books to the site/database:

  • Berg, Michael: On Global Responsibility: Kabbalah and the Way to End Chaos
  • Berg, Yehudah: Kabbalah on Sleep
  • Berg, Yehudah: Kabbalah: The Power to Change Everything
  • Berg, Yehudah: The Kabbalah Haggadah: Pesach Decoded
  • Brand Medwin, Michele: A Spiritual Travel Guide to the World of God: Part I: Packing for the Journey
  • Drob, Sanford L.: Kabbalah and Postmodernism: A Dialogue
  • Guetta, Alessandro: Philosophy and Kabbalah: Elijah Benamozegh and the Reconciliation of Western Thought and Jewish Esotericism
  • Michaelson, Jay: Everything Is God: The Radical Path of Nondual Judaism
  • Milgram, Goldie (Editor): Seeking and Soaring: Jewish Approaches to Spiritual Direction
  • Schreiber, Aaron M.: Quantum Physics, Jewish Law, & Kabbalah: Astonishing Parallels
  • Segal, Arthur: A Spiritual and Ethical Compendium to the Torah and Talmud
  • Segal, Arthur: The Handbook to Jewish Spiritual Renewal: A Path of Transformation for the Modern Jew
  • Twyman, James F.: The Kabbalah Code: A True Adventure
  • Unterman, Alan: The Kabbalistic Tradition: An Anthology of Jewish Mysticism

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