Today Iregistered the KabbalahBooks.co domain. For now it will simply point to this site (kabbalahbooks.co). If the hopes of the new .co TLD* will materialize I might rebrand the site and will run it under the clearer KabbalahBooks.co moniker.

TLD=Top-level domain, such as .us for the USA or .hu for Hungary
.co – it used to be the TLD for Colombia, but it was released to the world.

.co  has been hyped/hoped to be the new .com (of which we were running out of the good ones.) As you can read it on the corresponding wikipedia page the general public could start buying .co domains on July 20 after a month long landrush for the ones with potentially high commercial value. I was two days late, but still got what I wanted. We’ll see later whether it was a worthy investment.

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