Most popular books in 2020 on

Most popular books in 2020 on

I added 725 posts (most of them new books) to this site in 2020, making the total 3537. Out of these the following were the most popular books, were visited the most, in this order. (I am aware that if a book was added in December it had much less time to accumulate views, but I still think it is as interesting statistics.)

  1. Gluskin Family History by Yosef Serebryanski, David B. Levy (2019, on this site)
  2. Prepare My Prayer by Dov Singer (2020, on this site)
  3. Jews and Art in Yugoslavia, 1918-1945 by Mirjam Rajner (2019, on this site)
  4. Does Your Dog Speak Hebrew? A Book of Animal Sounds by Ellen Bari (2020, my review)
  5. The Last Visit to Berlin by Ruvik Rosenthal (2020, on this site)
  6. A Passion For Israel Adventures of a Sar-El Volunteer by Mark Werner (2020, on this site)
  7. The Happiest Man on Earth by Eddie Jaku (2020, on this site)
  8. The Nazi, the Princess, and the Shoemaker: My Father’s Holocaust Odyssey by Scott M. Neuman (2018, on this site)
  9. Sammy Spider’s First Book of Prayers by Sylvia A. Rouss (2020, my review)
  10. Child Harold of Dysna by Moyshe Kulbak (2020, on this site)

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