The 49 books posted on in December 2020

The 49 books posted on in December 2020

Here is the list of the 49 books that I posted on in December 2020. The image above contains some of the covers. The bold links take you to the book’s page on Amazon; the “on this site” links to the book’s page on this site.

    1. Anya and the Nightingale by Sofiya Pasternack (on this site)
    2. The Arab and Jewish Questions: Geographies of Engagement in Palestine and Beyond by Bashir Bashir, Leila Farsakh (on this site)
    3. The Berlin Shadow by Jonathan Lichtenstein (on this site)
    4. The Book of Jonah: A Social Justice Commentary by Shmuly Yanklowitz (on this site)
    5. Comrades Betrayed: Jewish World War I Veterans under Hitler by Michael Geheran (on this site)
    6. The Diplomat’s Wife by Pam Jenoff (on this site)
    7. Divide Me By Zero by Lara Vapnyar (on this site)
    8. Dreams Never Dreamed by Kalman Samuels (on this site)
    9. Esther in America by Stuart Halpern (on this site)
    10. The Flight of Life: Views from the Cockpit by Captain Shaul Ringler (on this site)
    11. From Schlemiel to Sabra by Philip Hollander (on this site)
    12. German Neo-Pietism, the Nation and the Jews by Doron Avraham (on this site)
    13. Hanukkah Hearts by Jean Joachim (on this site)
    14. Hanukkah: The Festival of Lights by Bonnie Bader (on this site)
    15. Hasidism: Key Questions by Marcin Wodzinski (on this site)
    16. Heavenly Sex: Sexuality and the Jewish Tradition by Dr. Ruth K. Westheimer, Jonathan Mark (on this site)
    17. The Hidden Light: Biblical Paradigms for Leadership by Jerry Hochbaum (on this site)
    18. Holocaust Memory and Britain’s Religious-Secular Landscape by David Tollerton (on this site)
    19. Honey on the Page: A Treasury of Yiddish Children’s Literature by Miriam Udel (on this site)
    20. Into My Garden by David Caplan (on this site)
    21. Irena’s War by James D. Shipman (on this site)
    22. Israelism in Modern Britain by Aidan Cottrell-Boyce (on this site)
    23. Jewish Bible Translations by Leonard Greenspoon (on this site)
    24. The Jewish Intellectual Tradition: A History of Learning and Achievement by Alan Kadish, Michael A. Shmidman, Simcha Fishbane (on this site)
    25. Jewish Life in Southeast Europe; Diverse Perspectives on the Holocaust and Beyond by Kateřina Králová, Marija Vulesica, Giorgos Antoniou (on this site)
    26. Jewish Migration in Modern Times; The Case of Eastern Europe by Semion Goldin, Mia Spiro, Scott Ury (on this site)
    27. Joseph Perl’s Revealer Of Secrets: The First Hebrew Novel by Dov Taylor (on this site)
    28. Judges: The Perils of Possession by Michal Hattin (on this site)
    29. The Kindertransport: Contesting Memory by Jennifer Craig-Norton (on this site)
    30. The Kosher Butcher by Mr. Melvyn Westreich (on this site)
    31. The Lemon Tree by Sandy Tolan (on this site)
    32. Love Letters: Poetry of the Aleph Bet by Sharon Singer Salinger (on this site)
    33. Monologues from the Makom by Rivka Cohen, Sara Rozner Lawrence, Sarah J. Ricklan (on this site)
    34. Music in Conflict by Nili Belkind (on this site)
    35. On the Road with Rabbi Steinsaltz by Arthur Kurzweil (on this site)
    36. Oy vey! Daddy is getting married!: A Yinglish tale by Suzana Reicher-Chazan and Regina Blacher (on this site)
    37. Passion, Persecution, and Epiphany in Early Jewish Literature by Nicholas Peter Legh Allen, Pierre J. Jordaan, József Zsengellér (on this site)
    38. Postcards from Auschwitz by Daniel P. Reynolds (on this site)
    39. Rethinking Israel and Palestine; Marxist Perspectives by Oded Nir, Joel Wainwright (on this site)
    40. Return to the Place by Jill Hammer (on this site)
    41. ShalomBayis by Penina Shtauber (on this site)
    42. The Sisters of Auschwitz by Roxane van Iperen (on this site)
    43. Strangers & Natives: A Newspaper Narrative of Early Jewish America 1734 -1869 by Ron Rubin (on this site)
    44. Thinking about the Prophets: A Philosopher Reads the Bible by Kenneth Seeskin (on this site)
    45. Tree Of Life, Tree Of Knowledge: Conversations With The Torah by Michael Rosenak (on this site)
    46. The Unchosen Ones: Diaspora, Nation, and Migration in Israel and Germany by Jannis Panagiotidis (on this site)
    47. Unpacking The Torah: Lessons For Everyday Living by Rabbi Ron Isaacs (on this site)
    48. The Way Back by Gavriel Savit (on this site)
    49. Why Israel (and its Future) Matters by John L. Rosove (on this site)

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