Most popular books posted in July 2021 on

Covers of th most popular books posted in July 2021 on

Here are the top 5 most popular/visited films from the 70 books I added in July 2021. (Based on the number of times these books’ pages were visited in August , the first month when all of them were available for the whole time period.)

  1. Blintzes and Blunts and Blowies, Oh My! by Gabriela Kalter – Buy this book at Amazon
  2. The House of Fragile Things: Jewish Art Collectors and the Fall of France by James McAuley Buy this book at Amazon
  3. Sephardi: Cooking the History by Hélène Jawhara PiñerBuy this book at Amazon
  4. A Fortress in Brooklyn: Race, Real Estate, and the Making of Hasidic Williamsburg by Nathaniel Deutsch, Michael CasperBuy this book at Amazon
  5. Boy from Buchenwald by Robbie Waisman, Susan McClellandBuy this book at Amazon

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