The 12 books posted on in June 2022

Covers for the 12 books posted on in June 2022

Here is the list of the 12 books that I posted on in June 2022. The image contains some of the covers. The bold links take you to the book’s page on Amazon; the “on this site” links to the book’s page on this site.

  1. As If On Cue by Marisa Kanter (on this site)
  2. The Book of Anna by Joy Ladin (on this site)
  3. Coming of Age: 13 Bnai Mitzvah Stories by Jonathan Rosen, Henry Herz (on this site)
  4. From Dust, a Flame by Rebecca Podos (on this site)
  5. Israel’s Moment by Jeffrey Herf (on this site)
  6. Jews in Contemporary Visual Entertainment by Carol Siegel (on this site)
  7. Just Freddy by Joel Stern (on this site)
  8. Moving Forward by Jacki Edry (on this site)
  9. Pollaks Arm by Hans von Trotha (on this site)
  10. The Presidents’ School: The New Way Forward by Andrew Caldwell (on this site)
  11. Revisiting Modernity and the Holocaust by Jack Palmer, Dariusz Brzezinski (on this site)
  12. A Unique People in a Unique Land by Edward Shapiro (on this site)

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