The 71 books posted on in November 2022

Covers for the 71 books posted on in November 2022

Here is the list of the 71 books that I posted on in November 2022. The image contains some of the covers. The bold links take you to the book’s page on Amazon; the “on this site” links to the book’s page on this site.

  1. All About Me! My Remarkable Life in Show Business by Mel Brooks (on this site)
  2. Arthur Miller: American Witness by John Lahr (on this site)
  3. Ashton Hall by Lauren Belfer (on this site)
  4. Blacks and Jews in America by Terrence L. Johnson, Jacques Berlinerblau (on this site)
  5. British Antifascism and the Holocaust, 1945–79 by Joshua Cohen (on this site)
  6. Café Shira by David Ehrlich (on this site)
  7. The Cambridge Companion to Antisemitism by Steven Katz (on this site)
  8. The Cost of Living and Other Mysteries by Saul Golubcow (on this site)
  9. A Death in Jerusalem by Jonathan Dunsky (on this site)
  10. Don’t forget about me: The Short Life of Gideon Klein, Composer and Pianist by David Fligg (on this site)
  11. Elusive Links: A Story of Connection, Compassion and Competition by Dan A Rosenberg (on this site)
  12. The Ever-Clever Mrs. Make-a-Mentsch by Dvorah Glick (on this site)
  13. Falling Short by Ernesto Cisneros (on this site)
  14. The Foxtail Legacy by David Abromowitz (on this site)
  15. From “Euthanasia” to Sobibor: An SS Officer’s Photo Collection by Martin Cüppers, Anne Lepper, Jürgen Matthäus (on this site)
  16. The G on Her Suitcase by Carla J. Silver (on this site)
  17. The Glassmaker’s Son by Peter Kupfer (on this site)
  18. A Glimmer Through the Breach by Juliet Ayres (on this site)
  19. Hands of Gold: One Man’s Quest To Find The Silver Lining In Misfortune by Roni Robbins (on this site)
  20. The Hanukkah Hunt (Ruby Celebrates!) by Laura Gehl (on this site)
  21. The History of the Shanghai Jews by Kevin Ostoyich, Yun Xia (Editors) (on this site)
  22. Home for Hanukkah by Rebecca Crowley (on this site)
  23. How did Moses know he was a Hebrew?: Reading Bible stories from within by Jonathan Magonet, Gabriel Josipovici, John Barton (on this site)
  24. Human Blues by Elisa Albert (on this site)
  25. I Was Better Last Night: A Memoir by Harvey Fierstein (on this site)
  26. In Their Surroundings: Localizing Modern Jewish Literatures in Eastern Europe by Efrat Gal-Ed, Natasha Gordinsky, Sabine Koller, Yfaat Weiss (on this site)
  27. The Incandescent Threads by Richard Zimler (on this site)
  28. The Incredible Shrinking Lunchroom by Michal Babay (on this site)
  29. Jewish Ideas in Morality and Religion by Rabbi Dr. Sol Roth (on this site)
  30. Jewish Identities in the American West: Relational Perspectives by Ellen Eisenberg (Editor) (on this site)
  31. Jewish Noir II: Tales of Crime and Other Dark Deeds by Kenneth Wishnia (on this site)
  32. Jewish Soldiers in the Civil War: The Union Army by Adam D. Mendelsohn (on this site)
  33. Jewish Women in Comics: Bodies and Borders by Heike Bauer, Andrea Greenbaum, Sarah Lightman (on this site)
  34. Jews Don’t Count by David Baddiel (on this site)
  35. The Journey of Sarah Levi-Bondi by R. P. Toister (on this site)
  36. Just a Girl: A True Story of World War II by Lia Levi (on this site)
  37. The Latecomer by Jean Hanff Korelitz (on this site)
  38. Light Years Away by Ruti Kepler (on this site)
  39. Lights Of Love by Morgan Malone (on this site)
  40. The Literary Mafia by Josh Lambert (on this site)
  41. The Little Girl Who Could Not Cry by Lidia Maksymowicz, Paolo Luigi Rodari (on this site)
  42. Lost & Found: A Memoir by Kathryn Schulz (on this site)
  43. The Lost Ryū by Emi Watanabe Cohen (on this site)
  44. The Messiah Confrontation: Pharisees versus Sadducees and the Death of Jesus by Israel Knohl (on this site)
  45. My Hands Make the World by Amalia Hoffman (on this site)
  46. Nakam: The Holocaust Survivors Who Sought Full-Scale Revenge by Dina Porat (on this site)
  47. The Origins of Judaism by Yonatan Adler (on this site)
  48. Oscar the Octopus: A Hanukkah Tale by Ron Isaacs (on this site)
  49. Our Daughters’ Last Hope by Elaine Stock (on this site)
  50. Out of Nowhere: Poems by Susan Comninos (on this site)
  51. Pathos and Anti-Pathos by Tom Vanassche (on this site)
  52. Photography and Jewish History: Five Twentieth-Century Cases by Amos Morris-Reich (on this site)
  53. Puppy for Hanukkah (on this site)
  54. Reinventing Jewish Art in the Age of Multiple Modernities: Michail Grobman and the Leviathan Group by Lola Kantorkazovsky (on this site)
  55. Running for Shelter: A True Story by Suzette Sheft (on this site)
  56. Sepher Yosippon: A Tenth-Century History of Ancient Israel by Steven B. Bowman (on this site)
  57. A Shoe Story by Jane L. Rosen (on this site)
  58. Shoham’s Bangle by Sarah Sassoon (on this site)
  59. Soldier On: A Woman’s Memoir of Resilience and Hope by Bracha Horovitz (on this site)
  60. The Struggle for Utopia by Dr. Arnold Slyper (on this site)
  61. The Sweetest Jewish Mango by Winifred Hament (on this site)
  62. Syndrome K: How Italy Resisted the Final Solution by Christian Jennings (on this site)
  63. A Tailor in Auschwitz by David van Turnhout, Dirk Verhofstadt (on this site)
  64. The Teacher of Warsaw by Mario Escobar (on this site)
  65. Thistlefoot by GennaRose Nethercott (on this site)
  66. Today in the Taxi by Sean Singer (on this site)
  67. Transleithanian Paradise by Howard N. Lupovitch (on this site)
  68. UNSCOP and the Arab-Israeli Conflict: The Road to Partition by Elad Ben-Dror (on this site)
  69. Victorious by Yishai Sarid (on this site)
  70. Why Not?: Lessons on Comedy, Courage, and Chutzpah by Mark Schiff (on this site)
  71. The Women of Rothschild by Natalie Livingstone (on this site)

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