The 36 books posted on in May 2022

Some of covers for the 36 books posted on in May 2022

Here is the list of the 36 books that I posted on in May 2022. The image contains some of the covers. The bold links take you to the book’s page on Amazon; the “on this site” links to the book’s page on this site.

  1. Alma Press­es Play by Tina Cane (on this site)
  2. Avi­va vs the Dybbuk by Mari Lowe (on this site)
  3. Bringing Down the Temple House by Marjorie Lehman (on this site)
  4. The Children’s Republic of Gaudiopolis by Gergely Kunt (on this site)
  5. Ethiopian Jewish Ascetic Religious Communities by Bar Kribus (Editor) (on this site)
  6. Family Treasures from Devra’s Kitchen by Devra Berkowitz (on this site)
  7. The Genius Under the Table by Eugene Yelchin (on this site)
  8. Gifts from Jerusalem Jews to the Austro-Hungarian Monarchs by Lily Arad (on this site)
  9. Golem Girl: A Memoir by Riva Lehrer (on this site)
  10. The Hidden Order of Intimacy by Avivah Gottlieb Zornberg (on this site)
  11. Holocaust Consciousness and Cold War Violence in Latin America by Estelle Tarica (on this site)
  12. I Came All This Way to Meet You by Jami Atten­berg (on this site)
  13. Individuals and Small Groups in Jewish Resistance to the Holocaust by Ben Braber (on this site)
  14. It’s Cool to Be Kosher by Byron L. Reeder (on this site)
  15. Jewish Art in Nazi Germany by Dana Smith (on this site)
  16. Jewish Medal of Honor Recipients: American Heroes by Michael Lee Lanning (on this site)
  17. The Kindness of Strangers by Andy Weinberger (on this site)
  18. Latent Memory: Human Rights and Jewish Identity in Chile by Maxine Lowy (on this site)
  19. Loss of Mem­o­ry Is Only Tem­po­rary: Stories by Johan­na Kaplan (on this site)
  20. The Medieval Postcolonial Jew, In and Out of Time by Miriamne Ara Krummel (on this site)
  21. Mikvah Stories by Chaya Raichik (on this site)
  22. The Murders of Moisés Ville by Javier Sinay (on this site)
  23. The Oxford Annotated Mishnah by Shaye J.D. Cohen, Robert Goldenberg, Hayim Lapin (on this site)
  24. The Post­mistress of Paris by Meg Waite Clayton (on this site)
  25. The Prague Circle: Franz Kafka, Egon Erwin Kisch, Max Brod, Franz Werfel, Paul Kornfeld, and Their Legacies by Stephen Shearier (on this site)
  26. The Rene­gade Reporters by Elis­sa Brent Weissman (on this site)
  27. Stop Look and Listen: Celebrating Shabbos Through a Spiritual Lens by Nehemia Polen (on this site)
  28. Tía For­tu­na’s New Home: A Jew­ish Cuban Journey by Ruth Behar (on this site)
  29. Understanding Philip Roth by Matthew A. Shipe (on this site)
  30. What Does a Jew Look Like? by Keith Kahn-Harris, Robert Stothard (on this site)
  31. When the World Was Ours by Liz Kessler (on this site)
  32. Who by Fire, Who by Water by Michael Goldman-Gilead (on this site)
  33. Who By Fire: Leonard Cohen in the Sinai by Matti Friedman (on this site)
  34. Witness to the Dark. A Testimony of Survival by Wolf Holles (on this site)
  35. Woman on Fire by Lisa Barr (on this site)
  36. The Yeshiva and the Rise of Modern Hebrew Literature by Marina Zilbergerts (on this site)

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