The 54 books posted on in October 2023

Covers of the 54 books posted on in October 2023

Here is the list of the 54 books that I posted on in October 2023. The image contains some of the covers. The bold links take you to the book’s page on Amazon; the “on this site” links to the book’s page on this site.

  1. Across Seward Park by Gail Lehrman (on this site)
  2. Anything But Yes: A Novel of Anna Del Monte, Jewish Citizen of Rome, 1749 by Joie Davidow (on this site)
  3. Arthur and Lilly: The Girl and the Holocaust Survivor by Lilly Maier (on this site)
  4. The Ascent: A House Can Have Many Secrets by Ste­fan Hert­mans (on this site)
  5. The Belarusian Shtetl: History and Memory by Irina Kopchenova, Mikhail Krutikov (Editors) (on this site)
  6. The Black Hole Pastrami and Other Stories by by Jeffrey Feingold (on this site)
  7. A Book About Bubkes by Leslie Kim­mel­man (on this site)
  8. The Cellist of Dachau by Martin Goodman (on this site)
  9. Contemporary Israeli Haredi Society by Kimmy Caplan, Nissim Leon (Editors) (on this site)
  10. Different: The Strange Story of Darius Stein by David Gelernter (on this site)
  11. Escape to Gwrych Castle: A Jewish Refugee Story by Andrew Hesketh (on this site)
  12. The Forgers by Roger Moorhouse (on this site)
  13. From Time to Time: Journeys in the Jewish Calendar by Rabbi Dalia Marx, PhD (on this site)
  14. Gallery of the Dis­ap­peared Men by Jonathan Paper­nick (on this site)
  15. Gang­sters Don’t Die by Tod Gold­berg (on this site)
  16. A Gift of Feathers by Ken Schept (on this site)
  17. The Gray by Chris Baron (on this site)
  18. I Wore This Dress Today for You, Mom by Kim Dow­er (on this site)
  19. The Inside Name by Randi Sonenshine (on this site)
  20. Israel and the Nations by Eugene Korn (on this site)
  21. Israeli Salvage Poetics by Sheila E. Jelen (on this site)
  22. The Jake Show by Joshua S. Levy (on this site)
  23. Jewish Paideia: Education and Identity in the Hellenistic Diaspora by Jason M. Zurawski (on this site)
  24. The Jewish Underground of Samarkand by Hillel Zaltzman (on this site)
  25. Kiss the Red Stairs: The Holo­caust, Once Removed by Mar­sha Lederman (on this site)
  26. Late B(l)oomer: The Life of a Jew Who Knew Too Much by Vincent Brook (on this site)
  27. Lech by Sara Lipp­mann (on this site)
  28. The Light of Seven Days by River Adams (on this site)
  29. The Major­i­ty by Eliz­a­beth L. Silver (on this site)
  30. Market Day by Pál Závada (on this site)
  31. My City of Dreams by Lisa Gruenberg (on this site)
  32. New Each Day: A Spiritual Practice for Reading Psalms by Rabbi Debra J. Robbins (on this site)
  33. Off to Join the Circus by Deb­o­rah Kalb (on this site)
  34. One Last Shot: Based on a True Sto­ry of Wartime Heroism by Kip Wil­son (on this site)
  35. The Prophetic Voice of Amos on Contemporary Social Justice by Patrick Kofi Amissah (on this site)
  36. The Sacred Earth: Jew­ish Per­spec­tives on Our Planet by Andrue J. Kahn (editor) (on this site)
  37. Schlemiel Comes to America by Jane Yolen (on this site)
  38. Searching for Home by Robert Pack (on this site)
  39. Shab­bat: Recipes and Rit­u­als from My Table to Yours by Adeena Suss­man (on this site)
  40. Shira and Esther’s Double Dream Debut by Anna E. Jordan (on this site)
  41. A Shot in the Dark by Vic­to­ria Lee (on this site)
  42. A Snowman in Jerusalem by Aaron Zevy (on this site)
  43. The Souls of Jewish Folk: W. E. B. Du Bois, Anti-Semitism, and the Color Line by James M. Thomas (on this site)
  44. The Sui­cide Museum by Ariel Dorf­man (on this site)
  45. Two Roads Home by Daniel Finkel­stein (on this site)
  46. The Unex­pect­ed Adven­tures of C.A.T. by Johan­na Hur­witz (on this site)
  47. The Watch­mak­er’s Daughter by Lar­ry Loftis (on this site)
  48. The Weavers of Trautenau by Janine P. Holc (on this site)
  49. When Jews Argue: Between the University and the Beit Midrash by Ethan B. Katz, Sergey Dolgopolski, Elisha Ancselovits (Editors ) (on this site)
  50. A Wing and A Prayer: My Life and Times by Malcolm Weisman (on this site)
  51. Winged Words: Benjamin, Rosenzweig, and the Life of Quotation by Benjamin E. Sax (on this site)
  52. Wrath Becomes Her by Aden Polydoros (on this site)
  53. Writing the Digital History of Nazi Germany by Julia Timpe, Frederike Bude (on this site)
  54. Yara by Tamara Faith Berger (on this site)

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