The 65 books posted on in September 2022

Covers for some of the 65 books posted on in September 2022

Here is the list of the 65 books that I posted on in September 2022. The image contains some of the covers. The bold links take you to the book’s page on Amazon; the “on this site” links to the book’s page on this site.

  1. Alte Zachen / Old Things by Ziggy Hanaor (on this site)
  2. The Book of Revolutions by Edward Feld (on this site)
  3. The Boy Behind The Door by David Tabatsky (on this site)
  4. Brand-New Bubbe by Sarah Aronson (on this site)
  5. The Broken Night by Bruce Arlen Wasserman (on this site)
  6. Come to This Court and Cry by Linda Kinstler (on this site)
  7. Crooked Lines: A Single Mom’s Jewish Journey by Jenna Zark (on this site)
  8. Cult Classic by Sloane Crosley (on this site)
  9. Dance the Hora, Isadora by Gloria Koster (on this site)
  10. The Daughter of Auschwitz by Tova Friedman, Malcolm Brabant (on this site)
  11. The Desert Unicorn by Bonnie Grubman, Kerry Olitzky (on this site)
  12. Dirshuni: Contemporary Women’s Midrash by Tamar Biala (Editor) (on this site)
  13. Experience Is the Angled Road by R. Barbara Gitenstein (on this site)
  14. Feeding Women of the Talmud, Feeding Ourselves by Kenden Alfond (on this site)
  15. Flower of Vlora: Growing up Jewish in Communist Albania by Anna Kohen (on this site)
  16. The Ghetto Within by Santiago H. Amigorena (on this site)
  17. Hanna by Magali Jeger (on this site)
  18. Hanukkah Veronica: The Mitzvah Fairy by Wendy Brant, Julie Anne Cooper (on this site)
  19. Helmi’s Shadow by David Horgan (on this site)
  20. Homelands: The History of a Friendship by Chitra Ramaswamy (on this site)
  21. How the Soviet Jew Was Made by Sasha Senderovich (on this site)
  22. I Never Promised You a Rose Garden by Joanne Greenberg (on this site)
  23. Is Superman Circumcised? by Roy Schwartz (on this site)
  24. Jews in Popular Science Fiction: Marginalized in the Mainstream by Valerie Estelle Frankel (Editor) (on this site)
  25. Jews of Iran by Hassan Sarbakhshian, Lior B. Sternfeld, Parvaneh Vahidmanesh (on this site)
  26. José and the Pirate Captain Toledano by Arnon Z. Shorr, Joshua M. Edelglass (on this site)
  27. The Journey of Sarah Levi-Bondi by R. P. Toister (on this site)
  28. The Lady the Priest and a Rabbi by Bethania Ruiz (on this site)
  29. The Lamplighter: Experiences Of A Chabad Rebbetzin by Esther Feinstein (on this site)
  30. Light of the Infinite: The Genesis of Light by Erez Safar (on this site)
  31. Love by Maayan Eitan (on this site)
  32. The Man in the Shadows by Alys Clare (on this site)
  33. Meant to Be Mine by Hannah Orenstein (on this site)
  34. Mighty Inside by Sundee T. Frazier (on this site)
  35. Modern Jewish Comfort Food by Shannon Sarna (on this site)
  36. My Life in the Sunshine by Nabil Ayers (on this site)
  37. My Mushy Matzah Bal by Arianna Brooks (on this site)
  38. Naomi Teitelbaum Ends the World by Samara Shanker (on this site)
  39. On Repentance And Repair by Danya Ruttenberg (on this site)
  40. One Hundred Saturdays by Michael Frank (on this site)
  41. The Opera Sisters by Marianne Monson (on this site)
  42. The Pardon – A Rosh Hashanah Kid Series by Shira Kravitz (on this site)
  43. The Porridge Pot Goblin by Jacqueline Jules (on this site)
  44. Pretend Plumber: An Adventure by Stephanie Barbé Hammer (on this site)
  45. The Prince of Steel Pier by Stacy Nockowitz (on this site)
  46. Rahel Varnhagen: The Life of a Jewish Woman by Hannah Arendt (on this site)
  47. Raising Raffi: The First Five Years by Keith Gessen (on this site)
  48. Rosalind Looked Closer: An Unsung Hero of Molecular Science by Lisa Gerin (on this site)
  49. Sammy Spider’s First ABC by Sylvia A. Rouss (on this site)
  50. Shmutz by Felicia Berliner (on this site)
  51. The Shofar: Halachos, Minhagim, And Mesorah by Bentzion Ettlinger (on this site)
  52. Splash! Ethelda Bleibtrey Makes Waves of Change by Elisa Boxer (on this site)
  53. The Stars Will Be My Nightlight: A Sukkot Story by Jen Halpern (on this site)
  54. The Synagogues of Greece by Dr Elias V. Messinas (on this site)
  55. Textual Rivalries: Jesus, Midrash, and Kabbalah by Gilad Elbom (on this site)
  56. Things to Come and Go by Bette Howland (on this site)
  57. The Thread Collectors by Shaunna J. Edwards, Alyson Richman (on this site)
  58. Timeless Torah: Inspiring Messages from the Parshah by Moshe Schochet (on this site)
  59. Trans Talmud: Androgynes and Eunuchs in Rabbinic Literature by Max K. Strassfeld (on this site)
  60. Unmatched by Sarah Lavane (on this site)
  61. What Makes an Apple? by Amos Oz with Shira Hadad (on this site)
  62. What’s in Tuli’s Box? by Ann D. Koffsky (on this site)
  63. Where from and Where to by Elizabeth Petuchowski (on this site)
  64. Where You’ve Got to Be by Caroline Gertler (on this site)
  65. Yossel’s Journey by Kathryn Lasky (on this site)

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