Books posted in June and July 2019

Books posted in June and July 2019

Here is the list of the 49 books that I posted on this site in June and July 2019. The image above contains some of the covers. The bold links take you to the book’s page on Amazon; the “on this site” links to the book’s page on this site.

    1. …And Often the First Jew by Stephen Lewis Fuchs (on this site)
    2. The Altru­ists by Andrew Rid­ker (on this site)
    3. Ancient Texts and Modern Readers; by Gideon Kotzé, Christian S. Locatell and John A. Messarra (on this site)
    4. Ariel Sam­son: Free­lance Rabbi by MaN­ish­tana (on this site)
    5. The Art of Leav­ing: A Memoir by Ayelet Tsabari (on this site)
    6. The Art of the Bible Translation by Robert Alter (on this site)
    7. Ascensions on High in Jewish Mysticism: Pillars, Lines, Ladders by Moshe Idel (on this site)
    8. Be-Ron Yaḥad: Studies in Jewish Thought and Theology in Honor of Nehemia Polen  (on this site)
    9. Bro­ken Strings by Eric Wal­ters and Kathy Kacer (on this site)
    10. The Christian Kabbalah: Jewish Mystical Books and Their Christian Interpreters by Joseph Dan (on this site)
    11. Cock­ney Girl: The Sto­ry of a Jew­ish Fam­i­ly in WWII London by Gil­da Moss Haber (on this site)
    12. Cre­ation Colors by Ann D. Koffsky (on this site)
    13. Dreams of Being Eaten Alive: The Literary Core of the Kabbalah by David Rosenberg (on this site)
    14. The Enoch-Metatron Tradition by Andrei Orlov (on this site)
    15. Fleishman Is in Trouble by Taffy Brodesser-Akner (on this site)
    16. The Flight Port­fo­lio by Julie Orringer (on this site)
    17. Gershom Scholem and the Mystical Dimension of Jewish History by Joseph Dan (on this site)
    18. God’s Voice from the Void: Old and New Studies in Bratslav Hasidism by Shaul Magid (on this site)
    19. Good Talk: A Mem­oir in Conversations by Mira Jacob (on this site)
    20. Historical Atlas of Hasidism by Marcin Wodziński (on this site)
    21. Hollywood’s Eve by Lili Ano­lik (on this site)
    22. An Innocent Bystander: The Killing of Leon Klinghoffer by Julie Salamon (on this site)
    23. Jewish Magic and Superstition: A Study in Folk Religion by Joshua Trachtenberg (on this site)
    24. Jewish Spirituality: From the 16th Century Revival to the Present by Arthur Green (on this site)
    25. Justice, Justice Shalt Thou Pursue: Delaware’s Jewish Judges
    26. Kabbalah: Webster’s Timeline History, 777 – 2007 by Philip M. Parker (on this site)
    27. The Kosher Capones: A His­to­ry of Chicago’s Jew­ish Gangsters by Joe Kraus (on this site)
    28. The Last Tsar’s Dragons by Jane Yolen, Adam Stem­ple (on this site)
    29. Learning From the Tanya: Volume Two in the Definitive Commentary on the Moral and Mystical Teachings of a Classic Work of Kabbalah by Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz (on this site)
    30. Long Live the Tribe of Father­less Girls by T Kira Madden (on this site)
    31. Messianic Mystics by Moshe Idel (on this site)
    32. Metropolitan Jewish Cemeteries: of the 19th and 20th Centuries in Central and Eastern Europe A Comparative Study by Rudolf Klein (on this site)
    33. On the Possibility of Jewish Mysticism in Our Time by Gershom S Scholem (on this site)
    34. The Paradoxical Ascent to God: The Kabbalistic Theosophy of Habad Hasidism by Rachel Elior (on this site)
    35. Pic­ture Girl by Mar­lene Targ Brill (on this site)
    36. The Rab­bi Slurps Spaghetti by Leslie Kim­mel­man (on this site)
    37. The Roots of Jewish Consciousness, Volume One: Revelation and Apocalypse by Erich Neumann (on this site)
    38. Sav­ing Han­no: The Sto­ry of a Refugee Dog by Miri­am Halahmy (on this site)
    39. Scribes and Scrolls at Qumran by Sidnie White Crawford (on this site)
    40. Search­ing for Lottie by Susan Ross (on this site)
    41. Social Vision: The Lubavitcher Rebbe’s Transformative Paradigm for the World by Philip Wexler (on this site)
    42. Souls in the Garden: Poems About Jewish Spain by Henry Rasof (on this site)
    43. The Laws of Yichud: A Comprehensive Guide to The Laws of Yichud From the Original Sources to Modern-Day Applications and Rulings by HaRav Shraga Kallus (on this site)
    44. The Volunteer: One Man, an Underground Army, and the Secret Mission to Destroy Auschwitz by Jack Fairweather (on this site)
    45. When We Were Arabs: A Jewish Family’s Forgotten History by Massoud Hayoun (on this site)
    46. Who Wants to Be A Jew­ish Writer?: And Oth­er Essays by Adam Kirsch (on this site)
    47. Window to Yesterday: The Swordsman by Jeff Lefkowitz (on this site)
    48. A Year with the Sages: Wisdom on the Weekly Torah Portion by Rabbi Reuven Hammer (on this site)
    49. You Asked for Perfect by Lau­ra Silverman (on this site)

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